Get These Essentials

When you decide to play basketball, you will only be as good as your gear. This is a highly intensive game and it requires good gear. Thankfully, because it is very popular, there are a lot of good items in the market. As we have an upcoming basketball event at our center in a couple of weeks, many people have been showing interest. The main challenge has been to know what gear they need to have with them. Thankfully, because I have coached basketball teams in my days, I know everything about basketball gear.

Here are some of the items that I advised them to buy:


Shoes with black and red color

Specifically, you will be looking for basketball sneakers. They make up the appropriate equipment for playing basketball. As you will no doubt notice when you are looking for these, you will find that they have good arch support. This is deliberately included in the design to offer the player some much-needed ankle support.

Foot injuries are very common on the basketball coach and that is why the sneakers are designed for protection. The soles should be non-slip, the sneakers should fit your feet very well, perhaps with just a pinch of a space to spare.

Basketball shorts

SH100 Adult Beginner

If you have been keen, you will have noticed that basketball and soccer shorts are loose. They are designed that way to allow a lot of movement. Thus, when you want to play basketball, you need a good pair of shorts.

They also wick away the sweat from your skin and they are very breathable. That way, even as the action on the basketball gets too intense, your shorts will keep you comfortable.

Eye protection

Men playing wearing gear

This is very important for people who wear glasses. If you do, you will need basketball goggles custom-made for you so that you can wear them over your glasses. Today, you can enjoy virtually any sport even if you are a glasses wearer. In fact, you can even dive with glasses.

To protect your eyes on the basketball court, just make sure that your goggles fit well. These goggles have an adjustable strap so you should find it easy to fit them.

Knee pads

Unless you want your knee skin to be scraped open every time you fall down, you should have a pair of knee pads. Thankfully, we have very flexible, soft and comfortable knee pads that will feel almost natural on your body.

Elbow pads

When a game is in progress, there is a lot of shoving happening all the time. It is very important that you ensure the safety of the other players. You do not want to break ribs everytime you shove with your elbow, yet this is what would happen if you do not wear elbow pads. Therefore, as much as the shoving is involuntary, wearing protective elbow pads shows that you care about the welfare of the other players.

Mouth guard

Many tactical sports need the players to wear mouth guards to protect their gums, cheeks, teeth and lips against injury. Basketball is also a serious contact game and therefore there will be a lot of teeth gnashing. With protection, you should come out of the pitch with your smile intact.