Cleaning the Pads

If you love playing basketball, then you know how important your training equipment is. At the same time, you also know that basketball training equipment is costly. Thus, you should learn how to take good care of it so that it can last a long time.

Knee support

At the center, I have been teaching people the importance of taking care of their basketball gear. We have a game coming up in a couple of days and I want the players to take good care of their gear after the game. One of the items that I have been teaching them to take care of is the basketball knee pads.

If you have a pair for yourself, here are a few tips that you can use:

Cleaning the pads in the washer

Laundry net picture

You will need a laundry net so that you can toss the knee pads in the washer. The reason for using this net is so that the knee pads do not mix with the other items in the washer. Just before you dip them in the washer, make sure the pads are locked, and that the net is tied to secure them inside.

Assuming you do not have a laundry net, just toss the pads inside a pillowcase. They will clean just as well in the washing machine. If you are not sure whether you can machine-wash the knee pads, just check the label on the pads or check the information from the manufacturer’s website.

Wash the knee pads in a half-full washing machine

Knee pads are bulkier than most other clothes that you will be cleaning in the washing machine. As a result, just wash them with small loads of laundry. That way, they will not be tossed against the walls of the washing machine. It is a good practice to wash all of your sporting items together. You can wash the knee pads together with your shirt, shorts and socks.

How to get rid of odor from the knee pads

Wide Mouth Spray Bottle

Sometimes, especially after a long time of use, some tiny microbes that cause bad odor and therefore you have to get rid of it. It is not too hard. However, you would need a sprayer and odor remover product.

After washing the knee pads in the water, let them dry in the air. You can then spray them with the odor remover. It is always a good idea to check the knee pads and the gloves for odor after every game. That way, as soon as there is the smallest hint of odor, you can treat the pads immediately to get rid of the odor before it accumulates.

Washing the knee pads by hand

If you can spare the time and the labor, you can wash the knee pads by hand and they will look just as good, if not better than those washed in the cleaning machine. Just pour a dash of mild detergent in the water, and dip your pads inside. You can then use a microfiber cloth to scrub them clean. In fact, washing them by hand may be better than using a washing machine since you will be able to concentrate on areas that have stains.