Time to Play

Basketball is one of the best sports that you could learn to play. It is close, it is a contact sport and it is highly technical. It is also very enjoyable to both the players and the spectators. If you have kids, then you know nothing can give them an adrenaline rush as playing basketball in the backyard would. Thankfully, in the market, we have basketball training equipment for just about anyone and for all ages.

It can be a bit hard to find the best product considering that many companies claim theirs to be the best. However, as a beginner, it is always a good idea to look at the reviews left by other users before you buy. That way, you can be sure that you are not investing your money blindly.

Whether you want to improve your footwork, your ball handling or your dribbling ability, there is a perfect set of basketball training equipment just for you. If you choose carefully, you will get the training equipment that you will keep for a long time.

Since the game of basketball is intensive and requires bursts of energy, you will need a fitness training kit as well. Simply said, if you know what area of your basketball game you would like to improve, there is a kit with everything that you need to help you.

Speed, strength, agility and confidence are the four main things that you need in basketball. However, these will not just happen. You will have to use the best equipment to build these four factors.

You can buy a full training kit with everything, or you can buy the things you need one at a time. Sports items can be costly and therefore, it is best to buy one by one. Start with the most crucial items such as the basketball itself, a nice pair of dribbling goggles, basketball knee pads and others. Here, we will look at the best basketball for training, dribbling goggles and gloves.

Wilson Evolution Basketball

Wilson Evolution Official Size

It is important that you own your own basketball for training at home and in the court. Thankfully, there are many basketballs in the market and the Winston Evolution Game is one of the best if the reviews left by other users are anything to go by.

Made with microfiber composite, it offers a good grip and control when you are playing. This a professional basketball that measures almost 30 inches. It is also soft and comfortable on your hands. This ball will help you increase the strength of your fingers, your muscles and shooting power.


Good size and weight

Soft on your palms

Gives the player good balance and grip

This is a professional ball, made to last a long time


Will cost you more money

Skilz Vision Dribbling Goggles

Skilz Court Vision

One of the hardest things to do for a basketball beginner is to keep his or her eyes on the game. Most people tend to keep their eyes on the ball. While the Skilz goggles look just so ordinary, they will really help you keep your eyes on the game. Since these goggles have an adjustable strap, it does not matter whether you have a small or a big head because it can fit all. It is a nice item to have in your basketball training kit.


Adjustable strap

Comfortable on the eyes

Really does help you keep your eyes up

They build the player’s confidence


They do have some blind spots because the rims are thick

Weighted Gloves, non-grip from Ball Hog

 Ball Hog Anti-Grip

They are just a small item in the best basketball training equipment but they are very important. They are non-grip, meaning that they do give you a good hold on your ball, but at the same time, they allow you to retain a good grip.

If you are looking for the best game gloves that will help you build your confidence when playing, get these ones. They are weighted so that they can help build your wrist and finger strength. This pair is a nice item to have in your collection of basketball training equipment.


Made to last a long time

They help you build ball-handling skills

Weight resistance helps in building your grip strength

Increases your hand speed


Weight is not distributed all over the back

Get These Essentials

When you decide to play basketball, you will only be as good as your gear. This is a highly intensive game and it requires good gear. Thankfully, because it is very popular, there are a lot of good items in the market. As we have an upcoming basketball event at our center in a couple of weeks, many people have been showing interest. The main challenge has been to know what gear they need to have with them. Thankfully, because I have coached basketball teams in my days, I know everything about basketball gear.

Here are some of the items that I advised them to buy:


Shoes with black and red color

Specifically, you will be looking for basketball sneakers. They make up the appropriate equipment for playing basketball. As you will no doubt notice when you are looking for these, you will find that they have good arch support. This is deliberately included in the design to offer the player some much-needed ankle support.

Foot injuries are very common on the basketball coach and that is why the sneakers are designed for protection. The soles should be non-slip, the sneakers should fit your feet very well, perhaps with just a pinch of a space to spare.

Basketball shorts

SH100 Adult Beginner

If you have been keen, you will have noticed that basketball and soccer shorts are loose. They are designed that way to allow a lot of movement. Thus, when you want to play basketball, you need a good pair of shorts.

They also wick away the sweat from your skin and they are very breathable. That way, even as the action on the basketball gets too intense, your shorts will keep you comfortable.

Eye protection

Men playing wearing gear

This is very important for people who wear glasses. If you do, you will need basketball goggles custom-made for you so that you can wear them over your glasses. Today, you can enjoy virtually any sport even if you are a glasses wearer. In fact, you can even dive with glasses.

To protect your eyes on the basketball court, just make sure that your goggles fit well. These goggles have an adjustable strap so you should find it easy to fit them.

Knee pads

Unless you want your knee skin to be scraped open every time you fall down, you should have a pair of knee pads. Thankfully, we have very flexible, soft and comfortable knee pads that will feel almost natural on your body.

Elbow pads

When a game is in progress, there is a lot of shoving happening all the time. It is very important that you ensure the safety of the other players. You do not want to break ribs everytime you shove with your elbow, yet this is what would happen if you do not wear elbow pads. Therefore, as much as the shoving is involuntary, wearing protective elbow pads shows that you care about the welfare of the other players.

Mouth guard

Many tactical sports need the players to wear mouth guards to protect their gums, cheeks, teeth and lips against injury. Basketball is also a serious contact game and therefore there will be a lot of teeth gnashing. With protection, you should come out of the pitch with your smile intact.

Cleaning the Pads

If you love playing basketball, then you know how important your training equipment is. At the same time, you also know that basketball training equipment is costly. Thus, you should learn how to take good care of it so that it can last a long time.

Knee support

At the center, I have been teaching people the importance of taking care of their basketball gear. We have a game coming up in a couple of days and I want the players to take good care of their gear after the game. One of the items that I have been teaching them to take care of is the basketball knee pads.

If you have a pair for yourself, here are a few tips that you can use:

Cleaning the pads in the washer

Laundry net picture

You will need a laundry net so that you can toss the knee pads in the washer. The reason for using this net is so that the knee pads do not mix with the other items in the washer. Just before you dip them in the washer, make sure the pads are locked, and that the net is tied to secure them inside.

Assuming you do not have a laundry net, just toss the pads inside a pillowcase. They will clean just as well in the washing machine. If you are not sure whether you can machine-wash the knee pads, just check the label on the pads or check the information from the manufacturer’s website.

Wash the knee pads in a half-full washing machine

Knee pads are bulkier than most other clothes that you will be cleaning in the washing machine. As a result, just wash them with small loads of laundry. That way, they will not be tossed against the walls of the washing machine. It is a good practice to wash all of your sporting items together. You can wash the knee pads together with your shirt, shorts and socks.

How to get rid of odor from the knee pads

Wide Mouth Spray Bottle

Sometimes, especially after a long time of use, some tiny microbes that cause bad odor and therefore you have to get rid of it. It is not too hard. However, you would need a sprayer and odor remover product.

After washing the knee pads in the water, let them dry in the air. You can then spray them with the odor remover. It is always a good idea to check the knee pads and the gloves for odor after every game. That way, as soon as there is the smallest hint of odor, you can treat the pads immediately to get rid of the odor before it accumulates.

Washing the knee pads by hand

If you can spare the time and the labor, you can wash the knee pads by hand and they will look just as good, if not better than those washed in the cleaning machine. Just pour a dash of mild detergent in the water, and dip your pads inside. You can then use a microfiber cloth to scrub them clean. In fact, washing them by hand may be better than using a washing machine since you will be able to concentrate on areas that have stains.